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Caerphilly Council Supporting People

Holistic Hoarding is delighted to have partnered with Caerphilly County Borough Council's Supporting People Team, who originally commissioned a one year project to sustain tenancies for those who may be hoarding.  This includes direct work with tenants around their relationship with possessions, rolling out the Trauma-Informed Approaches Training to a cross-section of staff across the Borough, and working alongside the Floating Support Team and other organisations to ensure that individuals are safe in their homes.

The numbers of people who needed support around hoarding tendencies resulted in our partnership being extended for a further two years (meet our new team here!) 

Perhaps even more importantly though, the high numbers of people wanting to access help indicates that this really is such a common behaviour - if you are looking for help around hoarding, you are definitely not on your own!

For more information, please get in touch with the Supporting People Team, or Kayley directly. 

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Newport City Council Housing Support

Holistic Hoarding has most recently partnered with Newport City Council funded by the Housing Support Grant Programme provided by the Welsh Government initiative which was introduced in April 2003. The purpose of the programme is to plan and fund housing related support services. It aims to ensure that vulnerable people have the necessary support services to enable them to live more independently in their communities for as long as possible.

We're very excited to be able to provide our holistic service now across the whole of Newport.

Referrals are accepted from professionals and individuals/self-referrals. Please note that to be considered for support the applicant will need to be currently residing in Newport. If
the applicant resides outside of Newport, please contact the relevant local authority
for advice.

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Tai Pawb

"We envisage a Wales where everyone has the right to a safe and suitable home"

Holistic Hoarding are delighted to have partnered with Tai Pawb to deliver specialist hoarding training for private sector landlords.  In advancing equality and social justice in housing in Wales, Tai Pawb promotes awareness of housing and wider inequality issues facing people with protected characteristics, aligning with Holistic Hoarding's work to drive forward increased protection and housing stability for people who hoard.

recovery college

The NHS Recovery College

The Cardiff and Vale NHS Recovery & Wellbeing College provides free courses on a range of mental health and wellbeing topics - available to people who are currently using or have used mental health services, their carers, all Health Board staff, or individuals working in mental health in the Local Authority and Charitable Sector. 

Underpinned by the principles of recovery and co-production, all of the courses provided are co-produced by people with lived experience of mental health issues and mental health services. 

Holistic Hoarding has recently had the opportunity to co-produce the Understanding Hoarding Course for the Recovery College, which was led by the expertise of a trainer with lived experience of what it means to hoard, and what strategies could actually work on a personal level for people. 

The Recovery College are due to publish their Spring Prospectus - the upcoming courses look fantastic and are a brilliant resource for those looking to gain further knowledge around mental health and wellbeing.  


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"Hoarding isn't about how much stuff someone has, it's about how they process those things."

Matt Paxton, Author "The Secret Lives of Hoarders"