Relapse Prevention



Relapse Prevention

Once our work has finished, please be reassured that you will not be left alone to maintain what you have achieved.  We offer free post-telephone support, and follow-up visits.


No two hoarding situations are the same – they are a very unique interaction between the person, their experiences, and the environment.  We offer innovative and adaptable methods of support, completely led by you.

If you have decided that you’re ready to make a change to your environment and free up more space, congratulations on getting to this point.  Holistic Hoarding will be happy to discuss practical support and advice to support you on this path.

For those who may not feel ready to contemplate getting rid of your possessions, a harm-reduction approach can be utilised.  This approach recognises that some people may never be comfortable with the thought of discarding items – and that’s okay. What we can do here is to support you to ensure that your environment is a safe one, and that we can minimise any harm or risk by putting safety strategies in place.  


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"Hoarding isn't about how much stuff someone has, it's about how they process those things."

Matt Paxton, Author "The Secret Lives of Hoarders"