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Our monthly support groups can introduce you to a new community in a safe, judgement-free space.  Members can provide emotional and practical support, exchange tips and ideas for improved well-being, and share strategies that have worked for them.  

Support for family & friends

A wide evidence base shows us that interventions need to be broader than just individually focused, and should be addressing the needs of carers, services, and the wider community.  

Supportive friends and families trying to encourage their loved ones to ‘declutter’ and dispose of items with well-meaning interventions can often unintentionally make the process worse, and lead to further distress or increased hoarding in the individual.  We will be setting up a family support group to help those who may be affected by this issue.


Support Group

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"Hoarding isn't about how much stuff someone has, it's about how they process those things."

Matt Paxton, Author "The Secret Lives of Hoarders"